Friday, March 28, 2008

Superlatives for Easter Break

There are not enough superlatives to describe our heavenly trip to Sevilla, Spain and the Algarve Portugal over the Easter holiday. (good Friday and the Monday after Easter are public holidays, nice!) It was the BEST sun holiday we've had ... it's that simple.

Began with Semana Santa in Sevilla, where we watched the traditional Good Friday (well, 2 AM day before) procession of thousands of KKK looking guys called "Nazarenos" walk through the streets holding candles, carrying crosses, or lifting up huge statue floats (really gotta see the pics and read Geno's desciptions) ... all while being silently observed by thousands of adults and kids. These Narzrenos walk through the city from their neighborhood churches to the enormous Cathedral in the center of town. It was stunning. Aside from the traditions around holy week, we got the bonus of hanging out with my cousin Reagan, including her taking command of the restaurant where she works, leading the life every 20something year should experience.

We then picked up our reliable little rental car in Sevilla and head for relaxation in Portugal. Geno really outdid himself this time ...he picked amazing boutique hotels staggered along the Algarve. So for 5 days we hopped between 3 perfect spots, all close to the beach and superb seafood. While Amsterdam was hit with a blizzard, we soaked in the sun - it was 68 and perfect for relaxing and reading, golfing and Geno even surfed the waves in the Atlantic at the tip of Portugal. Oh and it was anniversary #4!

Here's the deal --we know we get fired up about everywhere we go, so we're not the best city critics, but we do agree that if someone says you've won 2 free tix to Portugal - take 'em.

Click here for the must see pics.

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