Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So Hungary

Turns out people really do wear those Russian fur hats in Eastern Europe cause it's just that cold. I mean ice ripping through your skin cold. But they've got sun, so it evens out. We landed in Budapest on Valentine's Day, just in time for Geno to keep our tradition of eating at an Indian restaurant on V-Day alive. (And it was legit!) Here's a few key facts you should know about Budapest (or "Budapesht" as the locals call it):

  • Acutally two mini cities, "Buda" and "Pest", separated by the Danube River
  • Broke free of Communism in 1989, so no way any of us were getting in before then
  • Famous for Paprika and Goulash soup
  • Good to know a few words of Hungarian or at least mimic the accent as Geno can do quit well

I hesitate to admit this, but, for our first time in our lives together, we did one of those "Jump On Jump Off" City Bus Tours. Smart move as the city is huge ... not so smart was chasing after the bus (picture Geno hobbling on a bad knee, another story) after we realized they really do only stop for 2 seconds. Anyway, we loved Budapest ...from the ancient, colorful buildings with crazy ornate details to the outdoor park ice skating rink with blasts of Michael Jackson's a city not to miss. Check out the pics.

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