Monday, May 5, 2008

April Action Jackson

1) We're moving ... 5 minutes away. Sad to report our landlords (and friends) are selling our cozy little canal apartment. But, in a huge stroke of luck, we found another cool spot nearby from a friend of a friend, as that's the only way to avoid highway apartment robbery.

2) Birthday Gene - I surprised Geno with a 24 hour adventure to Texel Island (about 2 hours away, one of the 5 or so islands in The Netherlands). Here's pics - beautiful spot.

3) Hello Today Show! - We discovered the NBC peacock van at the bottom of our canal last week ... turns out "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" hit Amsterdam. Geno managed to meet Matt in person, as well as another celeb, see pics.

4) Queen's Day 2008 - Another year, another crazy Queen's Day holiday in Holland where everyone is decked in orange and kids are providing clever entertainment in the park, click for more pics.

5) Copenhagen - So, with the extra public holidays, we decided to hit Scandinavia. Spent the weekend meeting local friends my dad met during his travels a while back ... who proved to be exceptional hosts and made sure we covered all the major sites. We even took a quick ferry to Sweden (sounds amazing but was really only 20 minutes away). Here's pics.

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