Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Tis the Season

We kicked off the holidays with our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Feast at the home of Leslie and Ryan, who somehow manage to make the food better each year. Don't even ask how many helpings Geno had. The following weekend we headed to Cologne, Germany for our annual Christmas Market visit - we usually hit smaller towns but decided to try out the big city - it was a success. Click here for pics

We are now gearing up for our big trip to the states this week to see family in ATL, LA and San Diego. And we apologize in advance for any screaming you might hear if you happen to be on any of these flights. Adventure! Stay tune...

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Christina said...

Hi Guys, we're coming to Holland tomorrow! Would love to catch up with you guys if you're back in town. I sent an email to Stefani last week (if she still uses that address). Hope to see you soon.

Christina & Robert