Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stormin' Normandy

We decided to test out Tate's traveling abilities to make sure she really is our child....turns out, she is. We hit the road on our 7 hour journey to Normandy, France with Tate passed out in the car, and managed to make it with only 2 pitstops...thanks to Tate's love for Vitamin D drops (dutch recommend 10 a day). We called the charming town of Honfleur home for 3 nights. A special treat was dad meeting up with us from his 4-day blitz tour of the UK. We toured Omaha Beach (one of several D-day beach landing spots) and American Cemetery - all too powerful for words. Here are a few facts to remind you of the intense planning and sacrifice that went into D-Day (June 6, 1944):

  • British, Canadian, American and Commonwealth troops.
  • 4,000 ships in the fleet
  • 5,800 bomber planes
  • 4,900 fighter planes
  • 153,000 troops

  • 20,000 vehicles
  • 11,000 casualities
  • 2,500 dead

    Now that's intense ... and they did it with no email or cell phones. Blows my mind how they pulled it off. On the way back home, we wanted to make sure Pop got a taste of Belgium, so we stopped over in Ghent to stuff our faces with the best waffle in the world. Click here for some pics.

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