Saturday, July 19, 2008

I like Red Meat & Captain Gene

1) Brussels - 3 hour train ride to hear a honky-tonk band? This ain't any band, this is Red Meat, comprised of two of Geno's old work friends from SF (Jill & Owen Bly) along with lead singer, "Smelly", are all in a band that was touring Belgium. Super fun overnight trip for us - fabulous music (Hank Williams, Graham Parsons, and tons of originals) the whole crowd sang along to ... no matter the language. Yeehaa!

2) Boat - Geno got the deal of a century on a little boat for touring canals. We spent the first part of the summer touring around, only get hit with minor splashes of dirty water. Sadly, we now know why it was a bargian ... the engine is a bit sad these days. Nonetheless, good times are had on S.S. Goodtimes.

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