Saturday, July 19, 2008

Croatia ...and we're broke

I gotta clear my conscience for a moment to justify why our blog is covered with what appears to be a year of competition for "Amazing Race". The thing is, when we moved to Europe, we told ourselves, this will likely not happen again, so assuming I land job (phew, thanks ABN), we're spending our money on travel.... and that we have done.

That said, onto Croatia! (Our final big trip for the year) Croatia was an adventure on many levels, mainly because we found 2 souls brave enough to join us. Yes, travel friends. And we're still friends! Turns out it was a perfect match as Sue and I were able to gossip beachside while the boys risked their lives jumping off absurdly high rocks into the Adriatic. We all gave huge props to Geno as he planned our entire 8 day itinerary, really. The 3 us just followed and handed over money...we loved it.

We covered the Dalmatia Coast (passing 10 minutes in Bosnia), including the city of Dubrovnik, which was bombed in 1991 by the Serbians. Miraculously, they've preserved the city miraculously well, which is surrounded by a light tan brick wall, buildings with red tiled rooftops, and that little thing called the Adriatic, which we called heaven.

For 8 days we worked to turn our pale skin brown (success). Rather than a typical sandy beach, Croatia is unique because you have huge slabs of black rocks everywhere. Pretty cool as you don't end up with sand in your ears. We spent most of the week island jumping, including renting a boat for Geno to captain and scooters for zipping around more efficiently. Our days also centered around the viewing of EuroCup where we were devastated by the Holland and Croatia losses but rejoiced big time with Spain coming out the winner.

View the visuals by clicking here.

AND, we've also got another one of Geno's fun videos below!

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