Friday, December 14, 2007

Birds in Atlanta

Turkey time in Atlanta. Yep, we went back for a great Thanksgiving in what was an non-stop feast. It started with Mom and Dad taking us to a delicious Mexican restaurant (something sorely absent from Amsterdam) to help expand our stomachs in prep for Thanksgiving.

The best part of the next day wasn't what was on the table, but everyone surrounding it. My grandmother Maggie is ageless, sister Mendy and brother-in-law Rob Eskew, my aunt Melonie and her family all drove up from Jacksonville, and my niece (Stella) and nephew (Harris) were hanging off both arms. I even ran in to my buddy David Cochran and his family.

Thanksgiving night, more bird! Brother David and I went to see the lowly Falcons (a.k.a. Dirty Birds) play the Colts. We weren't sure if it was the tryptophane from the turkey of the Falcons lack of offense that put the fans to sleep in the second half. Thanks a lot Vick.

The next day was Stella's big day. A puppet show followed by a trip to another favorite, Chick-fil-A. After two sandwiches I was growing feathers and Stella was repeatedly shouting, "Willie can't stop eating!" in complete disbelief.

The fourth day we stopped by my buddy Gordon "Gramps" Wotton's house to see his wife Molly and two boys, Mac and the newest, Cole. Then, thanks to my buddy buddy Brent Allen, I witnessed my beloved GTech Yellow Jackets lose to their rivals from Athens. We capped off that night with laughs supplied by comedian in East Atlanta. We would've never found it, but with Clarke Tate leading the adventure, we couldn't say no.

It was another mad dash home, but Mom and Dad made it a great trip. Thanks y'all! Here's a link to all pics:

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