Thursday, November 1, 2007

San Francisco Treat

San Francisco - not a bad landing point for my first trip back to the states. And oh, the weather was about ... hmm 78 and sunny, the entire time. The big event pulling me to SF was surprising my dad for his 40th +20 birthday. Thanks to my mom's brilliant planning, we 100% shocked him with my sister, brother-in-law (flew in that morning from LA), and me nearly attacking him as my mom and dad entered the hotel lobby. We were a human stun gun. Family time was amazing, and dad claimed it was indeed the surprise of his life.

Then of course, it was time for the Annual Nike Women's 1/2 marathon. Along with my best friend and housemate for the week, my Portland crew of friends and I joined the 20,000 other women to sprint up and down hills all morning. Aside from the run and hanging out with friends, I managed to shop like a maniac since the entire USA is on sale with the dollar being worth like 5 cents in Europe.

Meanwhile, back in Amsterdam, Geno also sprinted his way through the city in the Amsterdam 1/2 marathon. His feet were on fire and finished the race in like 20 minutes.
More pics here, click.

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