Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spring in the good 'ol USA

Tate and I ventured to The States for few weeks this Spring, where we were spoiled immensely by grandparents. Pretty sure they were trying to convince us that the USA is the good life and we need to return ASAP....or at least just allow Tate to return.

We were in Auburn, CA for several weeks and had a super fun visit from Chels and Maddie and I even got a night away in SF w/my 2 best girlfriends. We then headed to Atlanta and met up with Gene and got to hang out w/the Willis crew. Tate had extra bonding when we left her and went to Clark Tate's wedding in Florida. She clearly had a blast with the Willis grandparents as she didn't seem phased when we got home.

Click here for the pics and below is short video. Sorry, it's pretty much all Tate - guess we're still proud parents.

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