Monday, April 12, 2010

Luxembourg...where is that again?

We'd like to blame the fact that it took us 7 hours to make a 4 hour drive to Luxembourg on the fact that it's the smallest country in Europe. But turns out we can only blame it on our GPS navigation system ... we were both secretly worried when it said "Recalculating" while we were still in Amsterdam. Needless to say our low point was when we saw the border crossing signs for "France". Anyway, my point is - we had a lovely scenic view of many small villages in Belgium and we did all arrive in one piece. Tate was a trooper and was snoring (for real) by the time we got there. We also forgot our camera, so instead of pictures, you get to watch a thrilling 5 minute feature production of our time in Luxembourg (which we loved!) .... enjoy!

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