Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chilly Willy: Iceland

What better place for a Texan's bachelor party, than Iceland? Gene went with five other ex-pat friends from Amsterdam to Reykjavik for a guys weekend before Ryan Lawrence ties the knot later this year. What was waiting in Iceland was a sun that never set, natural hot spring pools, Icelandic fly fishing...and beer that cost $13. Yep, even with the economic fallout, Iceland will not be renamed "Bargaintown" anytime soon. To cap off the weekend, the most impossible of coincidences, the gang ran into - Eric Gabrielson, who works at W+K Portland and is a great friend of Gene and two other buddies in the group. He was with his wife, Jen, and starting a tour of Iceland for a week, unknowing that any of his friends who had moved from Portland to Amsterdam (Eric + Jen also used to live in Amsterdam) were also going to be there. Only in Iceland. Click here for pics.

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