Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zwanger! A little Willis....

So our big Christmas holiday news was finding out we were pregnant - and the even better news is after our recent ultra sound scan, the little kiddo seems to be doing great. Here's a few fun facts:

  • Birthday is currently targeted for August 21, which means I'm currently about 5 1/2 months.

  • The belly officially popped out last week, where the airport security guy in Greece pointed to my belly and motioned me the front of the line .... if only we would've known the perks of having a baby belly earlier!

  • Birth country will be The Netherlands. Hey, they've got major healthcare perks over here, we're for sure not passing those up! For example, for 8 days following the birth of the baby, you get a nurse at your house who helps you figure out what the hell you're doing (they also prepare meals, do laundry, etc). Sweet!

  • Gender is an ongoing debate, with Stef currently winning. The ultra sound technician wrote it down for us, but it's currently very well hidden in a sealed envelope (although Gene is probably combing the house as I type).

  • Belly pics - check out our Greece post below, you won't miss it! The blog photo is at 5 months, 1 week. Yes, I'm lame (okay, vain) and chopped my head off cause I just woke up.


Pink or Blue Booties said...

SOOOO excited! Can't wait until Aug and finally getting to see what you are having.. I loved the surprise of Trace by the way... it was hard to not find out but TOTALLY worth it!

atout said...

Congratulations! You guys are going to be such great parents. Can't wait to meet the little willis.

parents of marcus and simon said...

stef, your little belly is so stinkin' cute. make sure gene keeps taking photos of you! kevin's busy thinking of good dutch names for far marko and ruud are his favorites, of course they are names of soccer players. his other thought is that you use van for a middle name, or vander, whichever flows best.