Monday, March 16, 2009

Canary Islands ...where our winning streak ended

For the most part, we tend to have ridiculously good weather when we travel....such as sun in Ireland and Scotland. But the lucky streak ended in the Canary Islands where we desperately wanted sun. Thank goodness, the island (Lanzarote) was cool enough to have plenty of action such as cave exploring and volcano tours. (The whole island is built on volcano rock and soil due to dozens of eruptions that happened centuries ago.) It was crazy to see grape vines and veggie's growing in the black soil. The sun did break for us long enough to hit the beach and at least turn our pasty skin to red. And we got plenty of heavenly Spanish food so for sure a worthwhile long weekend! Click here for pics.

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Adam said...

I'd like to modify your choice of "winning streak" and perhaps suggest "blow out streak". Technically, (if you're reading that post at work) visiting the Canary Islands is a win with, or without sun.