Saturday, November 15, 2008

Argentina: Buenos Aires es muy bueno

4 days in Buenos Aires, slept about 7 hours total. I was there for work, and despite the long hours, I didn't want to leave. I'm still thinking of opening an office that accepts payments in bottles of Dulce de Lece, the truest thing to edible nirvana on this earth. Of course I would wash it down with an Argentinian steak....muy, muy bien.

Before heading home, we went to a game at the Yankee stadium of Argentinian soccer to see the home team Boca (Diego Maradona's club) defeat San Lorenzo in the most electric atmosphere I've ever seen for any sporting event in my life.

Here's a 30 second video of the madness of a true south american soccer match:

From Argentina WK

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The two little people said...

Now that is what I call SPIRIT!!