Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'Merica: Operation West Coast

Success all around for our US West Coast Christmas ... well, perhaps not for the houses still recovering from our visits, but we experienced success. Good times were had relaxing, eating, and hanging out with folks in No. CA, playing with the nieces in Seattle and catching up with old friends and co-workers in Portland. Disgusting amounts of food were consumed, but tough to say no when you realize you're coming back to fried potato balls.
Here's our recap, or skip and get visuals here:

  • Cities Hit = 4, San Francisco, Auburn, Seattle, Portland

  • Transportation Used = 2 Planes, 1 Train, 1 Automobile

  • Friends/Family that housed us and our disastrous luggage explosions = 4, Jacobson folks, McGee Crew, Miller Crew, Fallon/Schinder Crew

  • Mexican Food Consumption = 4 nights of heaven
  • Cupcakes made by mom and swallowed by Geno in a 5 day period = 18

  • Time Geno spent on phone with IBM rep in India "Ahbubab" to fix Skype connection for parents = 3 hours

  • Cutest question by 5 year-old niece Alexis = "Aunt Stef, what are people doing in Amsterdam right now?"

  • Most awkward, yet amusing question by same niece = "Aunt Stef, why does my mom have children and you don't have any?"

  • Largest TV screen for viewing american football = 110 inch projection screen at Schinders

  • Suitcases Used = 3 filled leaving Amsterdam, 6 filled returning
    Here's the pics.

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