Monday, August 6, 2007

6 Months in Amsterdam ...

We've officially passed our 6 month living in Amsterdam mark, so thought a 'life' update would be mildly entertaining. Here's a few blogworthy mentions:

  • Back to work...Yep, my lovely hiatus is over, I've joined "The Office". Really, I went corporate, you can find me along with 100,000 other folks scattered across the globe carrying an ABN AMRO badge. ABN is a ginormous Dutch Bank (no, I'm not a teller like Gene's grandma thinks) and I work in their Global Headquarters on stakeholder engagement projects that I won't even begin to explain on this blog. (Office on left) Best part is my co-workers are from places like Israel, Austria, Portugal, Ukraine and Netherlands .... I love it. Oh, other cool thing is I ride my bike to work ... probably won't be so cool in the Winter.

  • Beach in Holland? - Bet you didn't know there's actually amazing beaches in Holland? Okay, I didn't. I secretly laughed at my Dutch friends when they bragged about how they had 'normal' beaches that could compete with California. So Gene and I set off to see first hand what this nonsense was about ... less than an hour away, there it was ... a real beach, with real winds from the North Sea, for our all to real, pale bodies.

  • Geno, the European Footballer - Geno hit Prague with the "Weiden+Kenney Football Team" to compete in an 40 team tournament of European Ad Agencies. Of course I assumed it was a boondoggle trip (well, it was) but those boys came to play, and placed 8th - that's big time. Team shot below and click here to see Prague.
  • Visitors - Bring on the Americans! We've had a fabulous crew of folks pass through the city over the past few months. I think we've finally got the city tour of highlights captured for everyone, so let us know if you're daring enough to stop by. Click here to see our updated Visitors Blog.

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pops said...

Haa, those pics bring back great memories. Has W/K received an Olympic bid yet?